Grilled Mexican Calamary

Irreplaceable hot appetizers of İskele Balık. It offers an extraordinary experience with unique recipe.

Camambert with Sweet Chili Sauce

Our guests’ favorite Camambert with Chili Sauce brings together French Cheese and Chili Sauce in a delicious way.

Spanish Shrimp

We bring together shrimp with our special blend in Spanish Style Shrimp. It is amongst the most preffered flavor of our guests.

Chips Atom

Iskele Balık, which stands out with its rich hot starters menu, combining fine-cut potato chips and irreplaceable taste of atom.

Grilled Octopus

Iskele Balık brings flavor of grill and octopus for a notable taste experince.

Bass Marinated with Sweet Basil

Iskele Balık, which has made a name for itself with its rich appetizers as well as seafood and hot appetizers menus, marinated bass takes it’s special place amongst most prefered taste with mustard or sweet basil.



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